Sehr-i Manzara Residance

Since 1983, Kuvvet Construction, which has been successful in the construction sector, continues on its path as one of the construction companies that giving direction to the future with its renewed face and new projects.

With the quality, trust and customer based approach Kuvvet Construction is a brand that has made a mark in the sector. With its last project, Sehr-i Manzara, they succeeded to attract attention on themselves. Sehr-i Manzara, located in Yeni Mahalle, which is Ankara's one of the most snowy and newly formed valuable area. For 21st century Ankara with its modern architecture and substructure Sehr-i Manzara is Sehr-i Manzara presents houses that are 178m2 gross area and net 160 m2 living area which contains dressing, laundry rooms and kitchens with cellars. Inaddition you can save both money and energy for Sehr-i Manzara Home. 

This newly done project, with big balconies for you to enjoy the great view of Ankara, trustworthy parking areas, highly qualified central heating and meeting saloons is a new investment opportunity for you to enjoy  a modern city life. With the ending of construction, there is an intense interest to Sehr-i Manzara homes, it had 32 housing but only 8 residance left! If you want a profitable investment or enjoy a long peaceful life we strongly recommend you to not to miss this project. For new and profitable investments follow Modern construction's professional firm Kuvvet Insat!